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Choosing the best worktop for your Ductless Fume Hood

There are a large variety of materials available for laboratory worktops and fume hood worktops available, which can become confusing on how to choose the right worktop for your needs.  Below we have detailed 3 which are the perfect companion for Erlab Ductless fume hoods, Erlab Bio ductless PCR workstations and Erlab Flow ductless air enclosures.


1. Safety Glass worktops

Erlab has been supplying customers safety glass worktops for over 50 years.  They offer laboratories numerous benefits.  They are clean and aesthetic, are resistant to all chemicals (except HF), resist well to strong shocks and high temperatures and are non-porous.


2. Phenolic Resin worktops

One of the best and most competitive worktops is the Phenolic Resin worktop for Weighing Stations as they provide high stability against vibration.  They are also very versatile when needing a cup sink or a sink in the weighing station, as the worktop can accommodate a cut out to incorporate the sink.


3. Stainless Steel worktops

Should a sterile surface be required or preferred, Erlab offer a stainless steel 304L worktop perfect for sterile applications, and ideal for the Bio PCR workstations and Flow cabinets.

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