Belimed WA290

Using automation to improve process efficiency, operational safety and ergonomics.

ARTG 228756

Belimed WA290


  • Belimed WA290 washer disinfector automation system automatically coordinates loading and unloading processes between the decontamination and clean zones, freeing up reprocessing staff’s valuable time.
  • Belimed WD automation systems eliminate idle time; as one washing cycle is complete, the WD is unloaded on the clean side and loaded on the decontamination side.
  • Belimed WA290 washer disinfector automation system improved ergonomics in the workplace by reducing the physical stress on CSD staff.
  • Belimed WD automation systems increases productivity by coordinating the repetitive work by taking care of the following: automatic loading, automatic program selection, automatic unloading, automatic return of the rack.
  • Belimed WA290 automation system loads the washers evenly ensuring the total load is distributed evenly over your CSD washer disinfectors, which also reduces machine idle times.
  • Easily start/stop the shuttle at a touch of a button to load a rack manually or if maintenance/service access of a machine is required.
  • Belimed automation system can be easily restarted and continues on from where it was interrupted.
  • Belimed WA290 washer disinfector automation systems are flexible and can be designed around restricted room floor space making them easily adaptable to your CSD ideal throughput and space available.
  • Belimed’s WD automation system is the ideal solution for increasing efficiency and can be extended as required to meet future needs.
  • Belimed WA290 automation system adapts to your requirements; available as Direct Dock or Cross Conveyor dependent of space and needs.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
WA290-2 MANUAL Belimed Automation, 2 Washer, Manual Return ea
WA290-2 AUTO Belimed Automation, 2 Washer, Auto Return ea
WA290-3 MANUAL Belimed Automation, 3 Washer, Manual Return ea
WA290-3 AUTO Belimed Automation, 3 Washer, Auto Return ea
WA290-4 MANUAL Belimed Automation, 4 Washer, Manual Return ea
WA290-4 AUTO Belimed Automation, 4 Washer, Auto Return ea
WA290-5 MANUAL Belimed Automation, 5 Washer, Manual Return ea
WA290-5 AUTO Belimed Automation, 5 Washer, Auto Return ea
WA290-6 MANUAL Belimed Automation, 6 Washer, Manual Return ea
WA290-6 AUTO Belimed Automation, 6 Washer, Auto Return ea

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  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Life Science


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