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March 30, 2023

Key features to consider when buying the right Laboratory Glassware Washer

Laboratory Glassware washers come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of the laboratory. The key features that should be considered when searching for a suitable laboratory glassware washer includes:



Laboratory Glassware Washers developed across recent years include programmable controls to make the process easier for the user.  Glassware washer models that can be programmed to respond to operators differing washing requirements, provide a wide range of choices.  All of the parameters of programing your washing cycle are designed with the utmost care to ensure high quality results.


Easy to Operate

Ensuring that your Glassware Washer is user-friendly will allow users to operate with ease.  Device features that are controlled via an intuitive interface display makes it effortless for users to function.


Perfect Wash

At the end of the day, the function of a Laboratory Glassware Washer is to provide you with the perfect wash for your needs.  Each load should be paired with the correct rack,  wash program, detergent, and water treatment solutions to enable the perfect wash.




Drying with Forced Air

To ensure perfectly dried glassware, selecting a laboratory washer disinfector with forced air drying will enhance your results and deliver glassware ready for quick re-use.  If your budget allows for this feature, a glassware washer with forced air drying will provide you with superior drying results compared to traditional convection drying.



Laboratory Glassware Washers are required to handle a range of different washing needs such as washing of beakers, test tubes, flasks, pipettes, bottles, cans, cylinders or other type of glass or industrial components.  Managing these different loads requires a diverse range of inserts and accessories to cater to laboratory needs.

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