Bandelin Sonomic

Ultrasonic baths for MIS and standard instruments

ARTG 168134

Bandelin Sonomic


  • Bandelin Sonomic ultrasonic baths has been specifically developed for reliable internal cleaning of MIS instruments and ensure their continued use.
  • Bandelin Sonomic ultrasonic bath offers damage-free ultrasonic cavitation with effective suction rinsing and individual testing of instruments, all in one cleaner.
  • The individual flow-control monitoring that Bandelin Sonomic provides for each connected instrument provides reliable cleaning results and prevents instrument malfunction.
  • Bandelin’s Sonomic features individual instrument examination. This patented innovative rinsing, results in only on instrument at a time is released for rinsing, thus permitting individual flow-through monitoring.
  • Bandelin’s Sonomic patented suction rinsing function, exerted by the ultrasonic bath at the distal end of the instruments removes soiling against the direction of penetration, while the fresh cleaning solution injects in place, avoiding unnecessary contamination of the rear lumen parts of the instruments. The removed contamination then moves through the adaptor into the exchangeable filter, so as not to enter back into the bath water.
  • An integrated bath fluid filling level sensor monitors the correct level of fluid enters the bath and a temperature sensor tests each cycle to ensure the Bandelin Sonomic bath is within the permitted range.
  • Bandelin Sonomic ultrasonic’s operating program contains self test sequences to ensure safety with clear user instructions and is able to provide several protocol print-outs for quality verification.
  • Bandelin Sonomic ultrasonic cleaning baths access a range of suitable baskets, lids and accessories for optimal cleaning.
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Product Code Product Description External Dimensions mm (L x W x D) Internal Dimensions mm (L x W x D) Pack Size Quote
MC1001 Bandelin Sonomic Ultrasonic, 42.5 L, Digital, Benchtop 860 x 490 x 325 650 x 400 x 160/170+ ea
MC1001E Bandelin Sonomic Ultrasonic, 43.5 L, Digital, Built-In 855 x 475 x 250 (Oscillating Tank)
485 x 155 x 360 (Ultrasound Generator)
650 x 410 x 160/170+ ea
3312 Lid, Stainless Steel ea
3310 Hinged Lid, Stainless Steel (MC1001) ea
3326 Hinged Lid, Stainless Steel (MC1001E) ea
3324 Insert Basket, Stainless Steel ea
3313 Knob Mat, Silicone ea
3672 Frame for Foil Test, Stainless Steel ea


Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
3365 Filter Cartridges 30 pk
3366 Filter Cartridges 100 pk
3353 Adapter Seals 12 pk
3354 Adapter Seals 24 pk
3355 Adapter Seals 36 pk
3350 Adapter with Seals and Hose ea
3351 Adaptoer with Seals and Hose 12 pk


  • Dental
  • CSD
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Endoscopy
  • Life Science


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