Belimed UW565

User friendly, compact, ultrasonic washer for efficient cleaning of complex medical instruments

ARTG 357679

Belimed UW565


  • Belimed UW565 features a safety glass lid which is flush with the front of the unit, allows the technician to visually ensure water is covering the instruments and allows the user easy access to the wash basket if required.
  • Belimed’s ultrasonic washer is engineered to maximise ease of operation and user comfort, while minimising floor space in your CSD or facility.
  • Features like electronic water sensing and automatic chemical dosing are just some of the innovative benefits you can expect from the Belimed UW565 ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Belimed’s ultrasonic cleaner features easy to use touch screen controls which allow the user to choose basic operating settings and functions. The pre-set wash and rinse practices reduce cycle setup time and decrease the likelihood of processing errors.
  • Password protected operation; Belimed UW565 offers three levels of login access; Operator, Manager & Technician.
  • Belimed’s UW565 ergonomic design features a hydraulically driven basket elevator to allow easy instrument loading and unloading and reduces physical strain on staff. The foot operated lid lever makes it easy to open/close the washer when you have your hands full with a full basket of instruments.
  • Belimed’s ultrasonic cleaner allows technicians to process a high volume of medical instruments without compromising on precious work area within the sterile processing area.
  • Belimed UW565 can reprocess standard instruments, cannulated instruments as well as Da Vinci units and has access to a wide variety of options and accessories to enhance the washers processing ability and increase workflow efficiency.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
BMC-UW565DVI Belimed Ultransonic Cleaner ea
BMA-UC0507 UW565 DaVinci Wash Tray, Top ea
BMA-UC0508 UW565 DaVinci Wash Tray, Bottom ea

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)
Product Outer (H x W x D) 810 x 770 x 1970


  • CSD
  • Hospital Wards
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Endoscopy
  • Life Science


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