Smeg WD7015

High capacity, double door, medical washer disinfector, ideal for CSSDs

ARTG 194412

Smeg WD7015


  • Smeg WD7015 Washer Disinfector offers the latest generation of electronics with full touch screen for irreproachable performance.
  • Smeg WD7015 WD has a 18 DIN wash capacity, capable of large loads with double glass sliding door operation.
  • Smeg medical washer disinfectors are compact, fast, ergonomic, providing reliable wash results.
  • Smeg WD7015 washer disinfector features a TFT colour touch screen on both sides of the unit, which can be programmed with 20 default and 20 custom programs.
  • Smeg WD7015 offers washing up to 95°C for antibacterial thermal disinfection.
  • Smeg WD7015 medical washer disinfector has function protection by different level passwords, a USB port for downloading of wash cycles log and an optional integrated built-in panel printer.
  • Smeg WD7015 features a high pressure hot air drying system with double absolute 99.999% HEPA filters and 2 motors to assist drying efficiency.
  • High efficient steam condenser as optional, top and bottom chamber spray arms and interlocking doors for complete separation are just some of the high end features you can expect from Smeg’s WD7105 Italian manufactured washer disinfector.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
WD7015 Smeg Washer Disinfector, Double Door ea
WD7015T Smeg Washer Disinfector, Double Door, Fast Cycles ea

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)
Product Outer (H x W x D) 900 x 1000 x 1942
Product Chamber (H x W x D) 626 x 812 x 685


  • CSD
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Large Dental Practices


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