Asepti Sonic

A non enzymatic mildly alkaline detergent and is the product of choice where economy and safety are the key criteria

ARTG 122628

Asepti Sonic


  • Asepti Sonic is a mildly alkaline detergent suitable for cleaning steels, soft metal substrates, plastic and elastomers and provides excellent cleaning of all medical, surgical and laboratory instruments.
  • Asepti Sonic is classified as NON Dangerous and NON Hazardous.
  • Asepti Sonic complies with AS/NZS 5369:2023 and AS/NZS 4815:2014.

*Tim Charlton UNSW 2010 Ecolab commissioned tests on its quadruple enzymes and alkaline products
using the method described by Charlton (2008) and Hadi, Vickery et al (2010).

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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
7100741 Asepti Sonic, 5 L 2 Pk

Safety Information

Do not mix with any other products. For further information, safety instructions and health warnings, see product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Directions For Use

Manual Cleaning and Soaking:

  • Pre-wash all grossly soiled items with cold-ambient running water.
  • Fill sinks with warm water; Asepti Sonic is dosed at 4 – 20 mL per Litre: for routine soils at 4 – 10 mL per Litre, heavy soils such as orthopaedic sets, 10 -20 mL per Litre.
  • If pumping manually, swirl to mix, automatic dispensers are available.
  • Determine solution replacement cycle and monitor.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

  • Dose Asepti Sonic at 2mL to 10mL per Litre for ultrasonic operation.

Combined Cleaning and greater than LOG2 reduction of Prion titre*:

  • Dose Asepti Sonic at 2 – 10 mL per Litre for ultrasonic operation.
  • Dispensing via an automatic wall mounted unit is recommended.
  • Determine solution replacement cycle and monitor.

Endoscope Pre-Cleaning and Cleaning:

  • Prepare a fresh solution for each scope by diluting Asepti Sonic at 4 – 20 mL per Litre at 30 – 50°C.
  • Soak disposable cloth in bath and wipe away visible soil from the insertion tube endoscope exterior.
  • Place biopsy tip into solution and aspirate detergent through suction/biopsy channel.
  • Remove tip from bath and alternate the suctioning of air and detergent until expelled solution is visibly clean.
  • Completely immerse the endoscope in the bath. Whilst immersed brush all channels and exterior surfaces and then flush and fill all channels with Asepti Sonic solution.
  • Rinse scope, channels, removable parts with water to remove all detergent residues prior to disinfection.
  • Discard all used solutions and materials.
  • Asepti Sonic is supplied with a two manual pumps delivering approximately 25 mL per push.
  • Automatic Dispensers which control product use and concentration are available. Please contact Ecolab Healthcare for further information.


  • Dental
  • Infection Control
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Central Sterile Departments


  • safety data sheet (sds)
  • Video
  • Brochure


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