Asepti Synergy WD

Tri-Enzymatic detergent and biofilm remover for instrumentation

ARTG 313662

Asepti Synergy WD


  • Asepti Synergy WD is a highly effective detergent and biofilm remover for the use in cleaning of surgical & medical devices in automatic washing machines and washing tunnels
  • Asepti Synergy WD is a tri-enzymatic detergent which provides a near neutral pH in use & which is suitable for use with all kinds of soiling and materials, in the cleaning of surgical and medical devices
  • Asepti Synergy WD reduces and/or removes biofilm. Biofilm removal validated in accordance with ISO15883-5 Annex F.
  • Asepti Synergy WD is fully compatible with MIS and robotic instruments.
  • Asepti Synergy WD has a non-foaming formula and is suitable for use in all types of Washer-Disinfector machines and Washing Tunnels..
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
7400229 Asepti Synergy WD, 5 L 2 Pk
7400244 Asepti Synergy WD, 10 L ea
7400246 Asepti Synergy WD, 110 L ea

Safety Information

Do not mix with any other products. For further information, safety instructions and health warnings, see product label and Safety Data Sheet.


  • Non-ionic and cationic surfactants with antifoam effect, sequestering agent, enzymatic complex (protease, lipase and amylase), excipients.


  • pH of pure product: ≈ 8.9
  • pH of dilute product: pH with 0.5% hard water: ≈ 6.9 pH with 0.5% soft water: ≈ 8.9
  • Density: ≈ 1.16
  • Yellow clear liquid

Directions For Use

  • For use in an automatic washing machine and washing tunnel at dilutions between 0.2% and 0.5%.
  • Effective from 1 minute. Adapt the concentration, contact time and temperature of the dilution water to the degree of soiling and the cleaning method used. Maximum temperature: 60°C.

Reduction and Removal of Biofilm in the sense of ISO15883-5 Annex F.:

  • Dilution: minimum 5 mL/Litre.
  • Contact Time: minimum 5 minutes.
  • Temperature: minimum 35°C.

Removal of Biofilm and Remedial Deep Cleaning of Endoscopes:

  • Dilution: minimum 10 mL/Litre.
  • Contact Time: minimum 20 minutes.
  • Temperature: 40-45°C.


  • Dental
  • Infection Control
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Central Sterile Departments
  • Endoscopy
  • Residential Aged Care


  • safety data sheet (sds)
  • Video
  • Brochure


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