Belimed CS750

Cleanstation CS750 large-capacity washer, disinfector and dryer, specially designed for transport carts, containers, theatre tables and hospital beds.

ARTG 228756

Belimed CS750


  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation washer disinfector (WD) offers the shortest cycle times in its class, setting top standards in performance, flexibility, reliability and user-friendliness.
  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation is specially designed for cleaning, disinfection and drying of transport carts, containers, theatre tables and beds.
  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation offers fast, perfect quality and excellent throughput with up to 10 cycles per hour.
  • The highly efficient jet spray system combined with sophisticated water piping and flexible tank system produces excellent cleaning results within shortest possible times.
  • Belimed CS750s high performance drying system provides fast reuse of equipment.
  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation washer disinfector offers best-in-class washing technology processes.
  • Belimed CS750 features an electrically driven, lateral moving washing & rinsing system.
  • The stainless steel circulation pump and high-performance drying system with tilting of wash items during operation, provides outstanding washing and drying results.
  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation offers minimal water consumption; approximately 16 – 30 litres of frehs water per cycle.
  • Belimed CS750 provides clear visibility of wash through the large glass doors and cabin illumination. Visual control of wash processes are easily identified via the patented process status display.
  • Belimed CS750 double door push through design provides secure separation between contaminated / clean areas with interlocking doors.
  • Belimed CS750 CleanStation is available in 3 different models with different usable chamber lengths and 2 optional usable chamber widths.
  • Belimed CS750 Washer Disinfectors features an integrated equipment/service compartment for media connections and detergents, which is easy to access for machine service / maintenance.
  • Enjoy plenty of special purposes racks and accessories to suit your specific applications/needs.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
100-3024 Belimed CS750, Small, 2 Door ea
100-3025 Belimed CS750, Small, 2 Door, Wide ea
100-3026 Belimed CS750, Medium, 2 Door ea
100-3027 Belimed CS750, Medium, 2 Door, Wide ea
100-3028 Belimed CS750, Large, 2 Door ea
100-3029 Belimed CS750, Large, 2 Door, Wide ea

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm) CS750S CS750M CS750L
Product Outer (H x W x D) 3010 x 2500 x 2250 3010 x 2500 x 3200 3010 x 2500 x 3850
Product Chamber (H x W x D) 2000 x 1000 x 1350 2000 x 1000 x 2300 2000 x 1000 x 2950
Chamber Volume (L) 2,700 / 3,250 4,600 / 5,520 5,900 / 7,080
Load Capacities
Carts 1 - 3
Containers 12
Theatre Shoes 80
Theatre Tables 1
Theatre Dishes Ø 200 - 300 mm 24
Beds 1


  • CSD
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Life Science


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