Belimed WD200

Compact, fast, reliable washer disinfector which offers excellent cost-performance ratio.

ARTG 120398

Belimed WD200


  • Belimed WD200 is a compact, space-saving washer disinfector, perfect for professional use in hospitals and small clinics and healthcare facilities.
  • Belimed WD200 follows the Belimed benchmark for safety, quality, efficiency and ecology.
  • Belimed WD200 has a sturdy, double-glazed hinged door as standard for access to the high quality AISI 316L stainless steel wash chamber.
  • Belimed WD200 washer disinfector is the smallest washer in the series needing no lateral room for maintenance (all accessed through the front lower panel)
  • Enjoy low-consumption to process 12 DIN trays and clear wash visibility with the long-life LED illuminated chamber.
  • Belimed WD200 washer disinfector monitors all relevant performance parameters via it’s own independent process data monitoring system, providing greater process security.
  • Easily program and review cycle process through the patented display.
  • Belimed WD200 washer disinfector can easily adjust to space constraints offering a small footprint of only 680mm wide, or easily increase your process capacities with this compact unit.
  • Optional one or two doors, high quality stainless steel chamber and optional printer & program recognition for up to 12 programs, optional exhaust heat recovery unit and steam heated wash chamber are all the features you can expect from this amazing unit.
  • Belimed WD200 washer disinfector meets compliance with EN ISO 15883-1 and -2, certified by HygCen.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
103-7993 Belimed WD200 Washer Disinfector, 400V, 50Hz, 1 Door ea
101-4907 Belimed WD200 Washer Disinfector, 400V, 50Hz, 2 Door ea

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)
Product Outer (H x W x D) 1840 x 680 x 710
Product Chamber (H x W x D) 625 x 575 x 617
Chamber Volume Net / Gross (L) 220 / 280
Load Capacities
Surgical Instruments DIN Sieve Trays 12
MIS Instruments (Connections, Jets / DIN Trays) 48 / 4
Anaesthesia Material (Breathing Hoses, 1.5m, Bags/Masks/Catheters/Tubes) 10/3/5/5/5
Sterile-Goods Containers (inc. Lid) 3
Theatre Shoes 40
Baby Bottles (inc. Caps) 84


  • CSD
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Dental Practices


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