Asepti Wash

Non enzymatic mildly alkaline detergent when cleaning performance and safety are the key criteria

ARTG 129242

Asepti Wash


  • Asepti Wash is a non-enzymatic mildly alkaline detergent and is the product of choice where cleaning performance and safety are the key criteria
  • Asepti Wash is designed for manual cleaning, soaking and ultrasonic applications and removes all body soil components including proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.
  • Asepti Wash is suitable for all medical, surgical, dental and laboratory instruments and devices.
  • Asepti Wash complies with AS/NZS 5369:2023, AS/NZS4815 and GENCA requirements and is classified as non-hazardous.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
5601501 Asepti Wash, 5 L 2 Pk
5601502 Asepti Wash, 110 L ea

Safety Information

Do not mix with any other products. Further information, safety instructions and health warnings, see product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Directions For Use

Manual Cleaning and Soaking:

  • Pre-wash all grossly soiled items with cold-ambient running water.
  • Fill sinks with warm water.
  • Asepti Wash is dosed at 2 – 5 mL per Litre
  • For routine soils dose at 2 – 3 mL per Llitre
  • For heavy soils such as orthopaedic sets, 4 – 5 mL per Litre.
  • If pumping manually, swirl to mix. Automatic dispensers are available.
  • Determine solution replacement cycle and monitor.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

  • Dose Asepti Wash at 0.5 mL – 2 mL per Litre.
  • Dispensing via an automatic wall mounted unit is recommended.
  • Determine solution replacement cycle and monitor.

Endoscope Pre-Cleaning and Cleaning:

  • Prepare a fresh solution for each scope by diluting Asepti Wash at 5 – 10 mL per Litre at 30°C – 50°C.
  • Soak disposable cloth in bath and wipe away visible soil from the insertion tube endoscope exterior.
  • Place biopsy tip into solution and aspirate detergent through suction/biopsy channel.
  • Remove tip from bath and alternate the suctioning of air and detergent until expelled solution is visibly clean.
  • Completely immerse the endoscope in the bath. Whilst immersed brush all channels and exterior surfaces and then flush and fill all channels with Asepti Wash solution.
  • Asepti Wash is supplied with two manual pumps delivering approximately 25 mL per push.
  • Automatic Dispensers which control product use and concentration are available. Please contact Ecolab Healthcare for further information.
  • Rinse scope, channels, removable parts with water to remove all detergent residues prior to disinfection.
  • Discard all used solutions and materials.


  • Infection Control
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Central Sterile Departments
  • Endoscopy

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