Censis ScopeTrac

ScopeTrac Endoscope Reprocessing Management System by Censis

Censis ScopeTrac


  • ScopeTrac is an Endoscope Reprocessing Management System to support your facility to manage the entire reprocessing loop
  • ScopeTrac captures data for leak test and disinfection process
  • ScopeTrac links specific scopes to patient cases for quick and easy traceability
  • ScopeTrac provides quick access to IFUs and reprocessing instructions with easy link to OneSource IFU database system
  • ScopeTrac updates the location status of your endoscopes and keeps track of any loaner scopes you may have on-hand
  • ScopeTrac links endoscopes to patient cases in the procedure area and keeps track of expiration dates of scopes in your drying & storage cabinet
  • ScopeTrac automatically alerts users when tests are required or maintenance is past due
  • ScopeTrac provides custom management reporting for fast and easy access to inventory, maintenance and usage details
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CEN-SCOPESA Censis ScopeTrace Stand Alone Software ea


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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