Soluscope DSC8000

Soluscope Drying & Storage cabinet, independently validated for 31 days storage of endoscopes, ready to use with no need to re-disinfect.

ARTG 182877

Soluscope DSC8000


  • Maintain the microbiological quality of your scopes with Soluscope Drying & Storage cabinets for 31 days without the need to re-disinfect your endoscopes
  • The horizontal storage provides a high-level of safety for your endoscopes
  • Optimise your clinics or departments workload and make life easier for your staff
  • Soluscope DSC8000 provides storage for up to 8 endoscopes
  • Various configurations to suit your clinics/departments needs: Single door, Pass through double door, Medical air connection or Built-in compressor
  • Individual trays help protect your scopes from knocks and prevents contamination for handling
  • Soluscope DSC8000 has been independently validated for storage of your scopes for up to 31 days, meeting requirements of EN 16442 and AS/NZS 5369:2023
  • Each tray comes complete with an individual lid to protect scopes during transportation
  • Two air flows simultaneously pass through each of the scopes channels and outside to provide a completely dried scope
  • Endoscope connection set remains connected to endoscope throughout the complete journey from reprocessing to storage to avoid misconnection and to minimise handling
  • Germicidal UV-C lamps positioned on each shelf and HEPA filtered air delivers outstanding drying and safety performance
  • Large LCD display visualises real time storage data for each stored scope, allowing you to prioritise and optimise the workflow of your scopes
  • The large security glass door allows for easy access and immediate scope and tray identification
  • Bar code reader for embedded traceability records data of scope & operator and allows for printing of electronic tickets
  • Communication and tracking & traceability through Soluscope EP Digital
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
SL-SC8-1D-C Soluscope DSC8000 Drying & Storage Cabinet, 1 Door, Built-in Compressor ea
SL-SC8-1D-A Soluscope DSC8000 Drying & Storage Cabinet, 1 Door, Medical Air connection ea
SL-SC8-2D-C Soluscope DSC8000 Drying & Storage Cabinet, 2 Door Pass Through, Built-in Compressor ea
SL-SC8-2D-A Soluscope DSC8000 Drying & Storage Cabinet, 2 Door Pass Through, Medical Air connection ea


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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