Soluscope EP-Digital

Take full control on your Endoscope Department with Soluscope EP-Digital

ARTG R 308798

Soluscope EP-Digital


  • Soluscope EP-Digital is an innovative digital suite which provides integrated and comprehensive solutions for your key endoscopy reprocessing activities
  • Soluscope EP-Digital achieves full traceability of the endoscope and related activities throughout the reprocessing cycle from patient bed to next procedure
  • Soluscope EP-Digital automatically stores and protects all data in a secured database
  • The latest cutting-edge technologies guarantee consistency, availability and durability of all records
  • Soluscope EP-Digital retrieves all endoscope reprocessing data via three apps, providing actionable insights to the department and team
  • Soluscope EP-Digitals interface is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring implementation without extensive staff training
  • Soluscope EP Digital is fully responsive to multiple platforms and hardware
  • Soluscope EP-Digital is supported by 3 apps; EP-Manager, EP-Station and EP-Evidence
  • Soluscope EP-Manager is an intuitive web application with direct connection to Soluscope equipment
  • Soluscope EP-Manager enables real-time sharing of information to all connected PC, tablets and phones
  • Soluscope EP-Station offers step-by-step, customised guidance for operators
  • Soluscope EP-Station assists with workflow modelling and helps to standardise processes
  • Soluscope EP-Station provides evidence-based reporting to ensure correct decontamination
  • Soluscope EP-Evidence reliably links all significant data into one place
  • Soluscope EP-Evidence provides interactive reports for you to analyse, improve and predict future requirements
  • Soluscope EP-Evidence allows you to pinpoint where improvements can be made and planned
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EP-DIGITAL Soluscope EP-Digital Software ea


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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