Smeg GW7015

High capacity, double door, laboratory glassware washer disinfector

Smeg GW7015


  • Smeg GW7015 Laboratory Glassware Washer Disinfector offers the latest generation of electronics with full touch screen for irreproachable performance.
  • Smeg GW7015 lab glassware washer has five independent and flexible washing levels, capable of handling tall glassware loads and offers pass-through capability with double glass sliding doors.
  • Smeg glassware washers are compact, fast, ergonomic, providing reliable wash results.
  • Smeg GW7015 washer disinfector features a 4.3″ TFT colour touch screen on both sides of the unit, which can be programmed with 20 default and 20 custom programs.
  • Smeg GW7015 offers washing, thermic and chemical disinfection up to 95°C and forced-air drying system with double absolute 99.999% HEPA filters for hygienic, efficient drying.
  • Smeg GW7015 glassware washer disinfector has function protection by different level passwords, a USB port for downloading of wash cycles log and an optional integrated built-in panel printer.
  • Cycle storage for 100 most recent programs, USB port, integrated built-in printer both sides and safety lock are all part of the great, dependable features when you choose a Smeg laboratory glassware washer.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
LABC-GW7015 Smeg Washer Disinfector, High Capacity, Double Sliding Door ea

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)
Product Outer (W x D x H): 780 x 800 x 1950 mm
Product Chamber (W x D x H): 626 x 812 x 820 mm


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