Partner with Ecolab to support your facility with all your equipment Performance Qualification / Validation requirements, within compliance to AS/NZS 5369:2023.



  • Ecolab’s validation protocols provide you peace of mind knowing your facility is compliant with the mandatory requirements of AS/NZS 5369:2023.
  • Ecolab’s validation/PQs cover all aspects of the required process, as per AS/NZS 5369:2023 with all consumables provided as part of the process.
  • Ecolab’s validation is undertaken by an Ecolab full time specialist OEM trained experts in the fields of sterilising and endoscopy.
  • The Ecolab team of Validation Specialists are able to effectively complete an objective Performance Qualification on a variety of machine types and brands.
  • Ecolab can pre-plan your validation/PQ well in advance to minimise and avoid impact on your operations. The validation is carried out to fit in with your operation.
  • Ecolab’s validation/PQ reports are compiled in a speedy manner and in a format that is accessible for auditing purposes and is shared in person by our Ecolab validation expert.
  • Ecolab’s validation specialists are often able to provide on-site advice and training even potentially offering solutions identified during the validation/PQ process.
  • Ecolab offer no distinction between metropolitan and regional areas; regardless of the location, the contract price remains the same.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
B-SERVICE-PQ Ecolab Belimed Life Science Equipment, Performance Qualification ea
S-SERVICE-PQ Ecolab Smeg Life Science Equipment, Performance Qualification ea
SMT-DC-PQ Smartline Performance Qualification, All SlideScope and RotaScope Cabinets ea


  • Central Sterile Department
  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Dental
  • Life Science
  • Aged Care Facilities


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