Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes

Double concentrate, multi-enzymatic detergent and biofilm remover

ARTG 239652

Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes


  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes contain a multi-enzymatic detergent for manual cleaning of endoscopes, instruments and reusable medical devices.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes promote improved bedside cleaning of endoscopic instruments and functions as a portion-controlled delivery system.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes clean and sanitise in one step with a non-foaming formula that reduces bacterial contamination.
  • The Quadruple based system of Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes combined with surfactants and detergents is a double concentrate that provides detachment and removal of biofilms (validated as per ISO15883-5 ANNEX F).
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes are suitable to use with all brands and models of endoscope, instruments and ultrasound transducers as it has a Neutral pH.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes provide improved bedside cleaning of endoscopic instruments.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes function as a portion controlled 15 mL delivery system. Each wipe contains a blue dye that provides proof of delivery: the colour transfers from the cloth to solution.
  • The Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes’ spunlace lint free construction, strength, absorbance and mechanical action enhance cleaning performance.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes are supplied in a foil pack with re-sealable cover and comply with GENCA guidelines, AS/NZS 5369:2023 and AS/NZS 4185:2014.
  • Endoscope reprocessing procedures must follow manufacturer instructions and follow AS/NZS 5369:2023 and GENCA guidelines.
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes directions for use, please refer to product label or contact Ecolab Healthcare.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
7101655 Asepti Epizyme Ultra Wipes 10 x 40 Pk
7400195 Asepti Epizyme Ultra, 2 L 4 Pk
7400196 Asepti Epizyme Ultra, 5 L 2 Pk

Safety Information

Do not mix with any other products. Further information, safety instructions and health warnings, see product label and Safety Data Sheet.


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Central Sterile Departments


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