Buttons & Valves

EndoSelect Single Use Channel Buttons & Valves

ARTG 316301 (Buttons) & ARTG 306051 (Biopsy Port Valve)

Buttons & Valves



  • EndoSelect Buttons are single use, eliminating the need for cleaning / reprocessing and minimise the risk of cross contamination.
  • Disposable endoscope buttons provide optimum infection control, reducing hospital and procedure associated infections.
  • EndoSelect Buttons are durable and smooth providing the user with effortless control and agility.
  • The sterile, easy to open packs include traceability stickers with minimal packaging to save of waste.
  • EndoSelect offer a wide variety of buttons including; Air/Water Valve, Suction Valve, Biopsy Valve, Cleaning Valve and Water Jet Adaptor
  • EndoSelect water jet channel adaptor features high quality threaded metal connector which is easy to fit and offers a non-return valve for secure, leak free connection.
  • EndoSelect Buttons are soft, secure and easy to fit, use and remove with colour coding for easy identification.

Biopsy Valves

  • EndoSelect Biopsy Values are single use, eliminating time required to reprocess, preventing valve wear and tear and minimise cross use contamination
  • EndoSelect Biopsy Valves provide smooth passage of procedure instruments through the scope channel during procedure.
  • EndoSelect Biopsy Valves offer a secured seal between the channel, preventing messy leakage.
  • EndoSelect offer a wide variety of biopsy valves to suit all scope brands; Fuji, Olympus and Pentax.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
E-SBO-1800 EndoSelect 2 piece Valve Kit, Olympus (Air/Water & Suction) 25 Pk
E-SBO-1801 EndoSelect 3 piece Valve Kit, Olympus (Air/Water, Suction & Biopsy) 25 Pk
E-SBO-1802 EndoSelect 4 piece Valve Kit, Olympus (Air/Water, Suction, Biopsy & Water Jet Adaptor) 25 Pk
E-SBO-1803 EndoSelect 4 piece Cleaning Valve Kit, Olympus (Water, Suction, Biopsy & Cleaning) 25 Pk
E-SBO-1805 EndoSelect 5 piece Valve Kit, Olympus (Water, Suction, Biopsy, Water & Cleaning) 25 Pk
E-SBO-1807 EndoSelect Cleaning Valve for Air/Water Channel 25 Pk
E-SJO-1850 EndoSelect Water Jet Adaptor, Olympus ea
E-SBF-1903 EndoSelect 3 piece Valve Kit, Fujifilm 700 Series (Air/Water, Suction & Biopsy) ea


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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