Cleaning Sponges

EndoSelect bedside cleaning sponges, with and without enzymatic solution

Cleaning Sponges


  • EndoSelect high quality, single use cleaning sponges are user friendly, easy to grip and are latex free.
  • EndoSelect Cleaning Sponges tubular shape are slotted and shaped to provide direct contact with the endoscope to quickly and easily wipe the scope sheath
  • EndoSelect Cleaning Sponges easily absorbs cleaning solution without causing excessive foam and are lint and abrasive free.
  • EndoSelect Cleaning Sponges are dual purpose; use at the bedside for cleaning, then place over the scope tip to protect the tip during transport.
  • EndoSelect Cleaning Sponges are 100% medical grade, which will not flake or scratch.
  • Speed up your cleaning process with EndoSelect sponges

EndoSelect Sponge Plus

  • EndoSelect Sponge Plus contains a multi-enzyme deterget to effectively clean endoscopes and surgical instruments.
  • EndoSelect Sponge Plus surfactant mix helps to reduce surface tension, aiding the detachment of soil from the scope/instruments.
  • The mix of the three primary enzymes; Protease, Lipase and Amylase, allows the enzymes complete the breakdown process as quickly as possible.
  • EndoSelect Sponge Plus enzymatic detergent also contains protective corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents to protect your valuable assets.
  • EndoSelect Sponge Plus detergent is biodegradable, non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-irritating to the eyes.
  • EndoSelect Sponge Plus is pH neutral and is compatible with all rubber, plastic, glass, stainless steel, copper, tungsten and aluminium surfaces.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
E-S-SP-1402 EndoSelect Cleaning Sponge 50 Pk
E-SP-1401 EndoSelect Sponge Plus 50 Pk
E-EB-2508 EndoSelect Essential Select Cleaning Kit: Sponge Plus, EcoBowl 25 Pk
E-SKT-2509 EndoSelect Essential Select Cleaning Kit with Transport Pad: Sponge Plus, Plastic Bowl, Transport Pad (sealed kit) 25 Pk
E-EBT-2509 EndoSelect Essential Select Cleaning Kit with Transport Pad: Sponge Plus, EcoBowl, Transport Pad (items packed loose in carton) 25 Pk
E-EB-KIT-1450 EndoSelect Essential Select Bedside Kit: Transport Pad, Sponge Plus, EcoBowl, Lubricant Sachet, Gauze 25 Pk
E-EBKIT-2410 EndoSelect Essential Select Bedside Kit with Tubing: Transport Pad, Sponge Plus, EcoBowl, Lubricant Sachet, Gauze, Suction Tubing 25 Pk


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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