Bite Blocks

EndoSelect Sterile, Single Use, Bite Blocks

ARTG 306043

Bite Blocks


  • EndoSelect single use, disposable Bite Blocks are designed to protect both the patient and the endoscope.
  • EndoSelect Bite Blocks are constructed from semi-rigid smooth plastic, solid enough to protect the scope and flexible enough to cushion the patients teeth.
  • The smooth plastic has no ridges or sharp edges providing kindness to the mouths soft tissue.
  • EndoSelect Bite Blocks are small in size for patient comfort with large central smooth hole providing safe scope passage.
  • EndoSelect Bite Blocks can be held in place by hand or used with the optional, latex free head strap.
  • EndoSelect Bite Blocks feature a dental rim to protect patients teeth and offer several models with elastic free soft latex headband or oxygen port with smooth nasal prongs.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
E-SO-1414 EndoSelect Bite Block, Adult 100 Pk
E-SO-3402 EndoSelect Bite Block, Adult with Oxygen Port & Strap 100 Pk


  • Endoscopy
  • Healthcare Facilities


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